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Title A Study on Estimation Method for Optimal Composition Rate of Hybrid ESS Using Lead-acid and Lithium-ion Batteries
Authors 박수영(Park, Soo-Young) ; 유상원(Ryu, Sang-Won) ; 박재범(Park, Jae-Bum) ; 김병기(Kim, Byung-Ki) ; 김미영(Kim, Mi-Young) ; 노대석(Rho, Dae-Seok)
Page pp.962-968
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hybrid ESS ; Lead-acid battery ; Lithium-ion battery ; Optimal composition rate ; Load variation type ; Fixed cost ; Variable cost
Abstract The large scaled lead-acid battery is widely used for efficient operation of the photovoltaic system in many islands. However, lithium-ion battery is now being introduced to mitigate the fluctuation of wind power and to replace lead-acid battery. Therefore, hybrid ESS(Energy Storage system) that combines lithium-ion battery with lead-acid battery is being required because lithium-ion battery is costly in present stage. Under this circumstance, this paper presents the optimal algorithm to create composition rate of hybrid ESS by considering fixed and variable costs in order to maximize advantage of each battery. With minimization of total cost including fixed and variable costs, the optimal composition rate can be calculated based on the various scenarios such as load variation, life cycle and cost trend. From simulation results, it is confirmed that the proposed algorithms are an effective tool to produce a optimal composition rate.