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Title A Study on Starting Characteristic and Improvement for High Power Motor with Tunnel Boring Machine
Authors 김태규(Tae-Kue Kim) ; 안준영(Joon-Young An)
Page pp.44-51
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Tunnel boring machine ; High power motor ; Motor starting ; Regeneration power
Abstract Tunnel Boring Machine's Technology has depends mostly on imports, currently domestic technology development was proceeding. There are many technologies in this field, above all, the large-capacity motor drive technology required for excavation is one of the core technologies. In particular, when several large motors are simultaneously starting, there are many problems due to a large starting current at that time, and it is difficult to design and operate a power receiving facility. In this paper, A method of reducing the starting current by using the regenerative power generated by the deceleration of the motor has been studied. To verify this proposal, we designed the induction motor controller using CAE based power simulation tool and verified the results of the proposed method by applying the reduced model. As a result, it is possible to reduce the maximum starting current and shorten the start-up time. Moreover, even if several motors are connected to one bank, it is proved that the method can be efficiently operated by using the sequential braking/starting sequence. In the case of a power system in which a large capacity electric motor such as a tunnel excavation system is driven, the results of this study are expected to be a stable and effective method for solving the start-up current problem and designing the power receiving facility.