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Title A Study on the Diffusion Policy Design for Microgrid Considering the Introduction of Heat Pump and Fuel Cell
Authors 황성욱(Sung-Wook Hwang) ; 김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim)
Page pp.247-252
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Heat pump ; Fuel cell ; Microgrid ; Economic analysis ; Daily load curve ; Load pattern ; Diffusion policy ; HOMER
Abstract In Korea, various microgrid pilot sites have been constructed and planned to verify the effectiveness for utilities, customers, industries and governments, respectively. But heat load and resources have been not considered in these microgrid sites. This is from the industrial environment of Korea, which the combination of electric power business and heat energy business. However, actual microgrid should include heat elements to achieve self energy sufficiency. For example, United States and Japan have various power and heat combined companies and their microgrids consists of electricity and heat resources. In this paper, a design method is proposed to develop the diffusion policy for microgrid including heat pump and fuel cell as demand side resource and supply side resource, respectively. To carry out case studies using HOMER, electricity and heat load daily curves and patterns are created considering the situation of Gasa Island. Policy makers will be able to utilize this design method to compare various configurations for microgrid including heat and electricity resources.