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Title How to Improve Isolation and Electrical Characteristics of Two RFID Tag Antennas, When They Are Located By An Extremely Small Gap
Authors 박희준(Heejun Park) ; 압둘 레만(Abdul Rehman) ; 이창형(Changhyeong Lee) ; 진성훈(Sung Hun Jin) ; 강승택(Sungtek Kahng)
Page pp.334-341
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords RFID ; Tag atennas ; Dipole atennas ; Interference ; Isolation ; Resonance
Abstract In this paper, we show a new scheme to tackle the problems of high electromagnetic-coupling, poor impedance- matching. and degraded radiation-characteristics of two RFID tag antennas, when they are located with an extremely short distance. As giving it a variety of tries such as periodic EBG-type structures and notch-making stubs, we can get an optimal device to lower the electromagnetic coupling and to match the input impedance of both of the tag antennas. Even for a UHF-band, the device is very thin less than 1 mm unlike other isolation-enhancers which are thick or multi-layered. The dips in the S11 and S21-curves are generated at the target frequency, which means excellent impedance match and lowered interference for the two tag dipole-antennas. This is helpful to higher thruput in RFID.