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Title Development of HVDC Model for Electromagnetic Transient Analysis
Authors 고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 정솔영(Solyoung Jung) ; 송지영(Jiyoung Song) ; 이재걸(Jaegul Lee) ; 김용학(Yonghak Kim) ; 전동훈(Donghoon Jeon)
Page pp.383-392
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords HVDC ; Real Time Digital Simulation ; Power system
Abstract Special equipment such as HVDC and FACTS is increasing for expansion of power system scale and stable power supply. The increase of such special facilities is expected to be a combined system of AC facilities such as conventional generators and AC-DC where power electronics based DC facilities are operated simultaneously in the power system. Special equipment such as HVDC and FACTS devices is very fast because it consists of switching elements. Therefore, RMS Value based analysis tools such as PSS/E have limited analysis with a long time step. Therefore, PSCAD or RTDS, which is an instantaneous value-based analysis tool capable of sophisticated analysis, should be used. KEPCO has been developed a software model based on design documents for the HVDC facility, which will be operated for the first time in the land system. It is confirmed that the characteristics of the basis of the simulation result are well reflected in the developed single model. When the Replica controller of the HVDC facility is introduced, the developed HVDC system model will be upgraded very sophisticatedly. In addition, this model is applied to real-time large-scale system, and real-scale application analysis will be carried out to identify various problems in advance and prepare countermeasures.