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Title Implementation of an Obstacle Avoidance System Based on a Low-cost LiDAR Sensor for Autonomous Navigation of an Unmanned Ship
Authors 송현우(HyunWoo Song) ; 이광국(Kwangkook Lee) ; 김동헌(Dong Hun Kim)
Page pp.480-488
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LiDAR sensor ; Fuzzy control ; Obstacle avoidance system ; Unmanned ship
Abstract In this paper, we propose an obstacle avoidance system for an unmanned ship to navigate safely in dynamic environments. Also, in this paper, one-dimensional low-cost lidar sensor is used, and a servo motor is used to implement the lidar sensor in a two-dimensional space. The distance and direction of an obstacle are measured through the two-dimensional lidar sensor. The unmanned ship is controlled by the application at a Tablet PC. The user inputs the coordinates of the destination in Google maps. Then the position of the unmanned ship is compared with the position of the destination through GPS and a geomagnetic sensor. If the unmanned ship finds obstacles while moving to its destination, it avoids obstacles through a fuzzy control-based algorithm. The paper shows that the experimental results can effectively construct an obstacle avoidance system for an unmanned ship with a low-cost LiDAR sensor using fuzzy control.