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Title Design of the High Light-efficiency LED Fusion Parts for Automatic assembly
Authors 문병권(Byung-kwon Moon) ; 추상용(Sang-yong Choo) ; 방준호(Jun-ho Bang) ; 유인호(In-ho Ryu)
Page pp.489-494
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LED fusion lighting ; Automated assembly ; FR4 type ; Defect rate
Abstract The manufacturing technology of LED fusion lighting used in direct under panel light has developed over time. However, due to the various sizes and designs, the manual processes are carried out in the main processes, and the defect rate in the automation line is rather high. In order to solve these problems, the design of the module power source of the LED fusion lighting where the defect frequently occurs was designed by changing the FR4 type structure in the existing wire type. Moreover, through optical characterization, the possibility of commercialization was confirmed by comparing with the authentication performance of high-efficiency energy equipment. In addition, by designing and developing the pallet loading jig used in the automatic assembly line, it is expected to automate the assembly line and reduce the defect rate. It will be widely used in the direct under panel light market by expanding compatibility with various LED lighting assembly systems.