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Title A Study on the Group Configuration of the Wind Power Plant according to the Voltage Variation of the inter-connection Point
Authors 신호전(Ho-Jeon Shin) ; 이승재(Seung-Jae Lee) ; 김진석(Jin-Seok Kim)
Page pp.495-501
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wind Power Plant(WPP) ; Over voltage ; Voltage variation ; Group configuration
Abstract A number of countries around the world have the goal to enhance the ratio of renewable energy and Korea is one of them. When the large capacity renewable energy is installed, it is intensely installed in one complex, and in order to obtain the effective ingredient of the maximum power generation, it operates as close to the power factor 1. The single group operation of the large capacity wind power generator greatly changes the voltage (V) of the inverter terminal connected to the wind power generator regardless of the reactive power. Over-voltage frequently occurs with the case of generating insulation destruction of inverter facility with the voltage change. In particular, if the semiconductor of the inverter is current-type element, it may be even more vulnerable to the over-voltage. In this paper, it analyzes the facility response related to the supply and absorption of reactive power in the relationship with the electrical power system to be connected for the over-voltage arising when installing the large capacity wind power energy, and it intends to compare and analyze the effect on the power conversion equipment and scope of voltage change following the installation type under the renewable energy source's design.