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Title Vibration and Noise Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Converter
Authors 윤용호(Yong-Ho Yoon)
Page pp.507-512
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords SRM ; Asymmetric bridge converter ; 6-Switch inverter ; FFT ; Vibration ; Noise
Abstract Switched Reluctance Motor(SRM) drives generate large vibration and acoustic noise because it is commutated individually by step pulse m.m.f on each phase pole. The frequency or motor speed of peak vibrations and acoustic noises is coincided with the natural resonant frequency of the magnetic structure and frame material. And this radial vibration force is induced on the phase commutation region. A new control scheme to use 6-switch IGBT module for 3-phase SRM was proposed and used. Compared with the conventional asymmetric bridge converter topology, it can minimize the entire system size and cost. Therefore, it may have a topology for SRM to compare the other ac motors, such as induction motors, brushless dc motors, and so on. In this paper the characteristics of motor noise and vibration, FFT will be analyzed especially in the case of using the 6-switch inverter of two-phase conduction method and asymmetric bridge converter of being used conventionally SRM converter topology by experimental and simulation results.