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Title A Study on Virtual Flux Estimation Scheme with Dead Time and Inductive Voltage Drop Compensation for Electrical Load Test System
Authors 박일우(Il-Woo Park) ; 김태규(Tae-Kyu Kim) ; 안호균(Gyun-Ho Ahn) ; 박승규(Seung-Kyu Park)
Page pp.844-853
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Virtual Flux Estimation ; Electric Load Test ; Dead-time ; Inductive Voltage Drop Compensation
Abstract This paper presents improved SOGI-FLL method to test the load of electric test equipment composed of two inverters. The simulator makes variable magnitudes and frequency of the voltage and EUT have output voltage sensor-less function for synchronous of simulator voltage by SOGI-FLL. The proposed SOGI-FLL have an additional reactance voltage drop compensation and dead-time compensation. The EUT has harmonics of the voltage generated in the current flowing through the filter due to the dead time. When the output voltage of the EUT(Equipment Under Test), which is a signal input to the SOGI filter, is very small and is distorted, the frequency estimation characteristic is degraded. To improve this, the dead time voltage is compensated for the command voltage depending on the output current direction of the test equipment. In addition, when the output voltage of the simulator is small and large current flows to the EUT, the SOGI input signal becomes small, which causes problems in frequency estimation. Thereby improving the frequency estimation characteristic by compensating the voltage drop of the filter. Electrical test equipment simulating motor load has variable voltage, frequency and current. The proposed method was simulated and tested to improve the properties of SOGI-FLL for electrical load testing.