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Title Internet-Based Line-up Formation Control of Collective Intelligent Traffic Cones
Authors 이현선(Hyun-Sun Lee) ; 정슬(Seul Jung)
Page pp.872-878
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Intelligent traffic cones ; server network ; formation control ; IoT
Abstract This paper presents the formation control of multiple intelligent traffic cones (ITC) to assure the safety of both drivers and workers in the accidental area or maintenance area on the roadway. ITCs have been implemented on the basis of the network-based control frame. ITCs are connected with a server and users through the wireless communication. ITCs have a mobile base to move the designated location based on the GPS information. ITCs are equipped with a GPS and a camera for localization. Experimental studies of the formation control of three ITCs to line up are conducted to confirm the feasibility.