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Title Distribution System Dynamic State Estimation via Mathematical Model Based Approach
Authors 박찬은(Chan-eun Park) ; 박인석(In Seok Park) ; 박부견(PooGyeon Park)
Page pp.884-889
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution system state estimation ; Dynamic state estimation ; Power system modeling ; Extended Kalman filter
Abstract Recently, some novel researches regarding the state estimation for power distribution system have been focused on the dynamic state estimation algorithm due to trend abrupt changes in the distribution system such as actions of prosumers. The previous works studied the Kalman filter for nonlinear system such as extended Kalman filter, unscented Kalman filter. They assume that the state transient model follows smoothing model of the previous states. However, it is hard to set the smoothing coefficient for the estimated states. Thus, this paper proposes the mathematical model of state transient model of power distribution system. Based on the proposed mathematical model, extended Kalman filter algorithm is adopted for dynamic state estimation. All jacobian matrices for the extended Kalman filter is derived as a function of system states, and the proposed algorithm is verified by using IEEE 15 test bus.