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Title Flocking Control for Multiple Polygonal Agents with Limited Communication Ranges
Authors 탄 빈 응우엔(Thanh Binh Nguyen) ; 김성현(Sung Hyun Kim)
Page pp.923-929
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Flocking control ; Multiple polygonal agents ; Collision avoidance
Abstract In the recent researches on multiple-agent systems, each agent is considered as a single point or covered by a circle or ellipse in which, in many circumstances, these agents were not fitted in such as triangular, rectangle and hexagon agents, etc. This paper puts forward a distributed control law for arbitrarily polygonal shape agents under limited communication ranges. The proposed control laws guarantee all flocking properties such as: each agent stays close to its nearby neighbors, no collisions between any agents and the convergence of each agent's velocity to the desire. In addition, the control signal is differentiable despite of agent's limited communication ranges and non- smooth boundary in the agent shape. The control law is designed base on a new approach on collision avoidance conditions between the polygonal shape agents to generate the desired control law. The numerical simulations are implemented to demonstrate the performing in the same shape group of agents using the proposed control law.