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Title Prevention of Power Outage using AI Sensors during Summer Heatwave
Authors 최태일(Tae-Il Choi)
Page pp.1137-1142
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords AI sensor; Power Outage; Heatwave
Abstract A record-breaking heatwave of long-term disasters last summer was a serious threat to public safety. Since the power equipment of an apartment is owned by the customer, there is a limit to the power company providing the service in case of power outage. In order to overcome this problem and continuously supply stable electric power to the people, we developed a remote monitoring and control system of apartment power equipment using artificial intelligence (AI) sensors. AI sensors can prevent power outages by notifying power companies and apartments managers in real time when an overload or an unbalance occurs in the transformers of an apartment power equipment. A pilot system was installed in two apartments in the Seoul area, and after evaluating the effect of the operation, the system will be expanded to other areas.