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Title A Study on Voltage Quality Assessment Based on an Area of Vulnerability
Authors 이명철(Myeong-Cheol Lee) ; 박창현(Chang-Hyun Park)
Page pp.1497-1504
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Area of vulnerability; Power quality; Voltage quality; Voltage sag; Voltage swell
Abstract This paper deals with the stochastic assessment of voltage quality considering voltage sags and voltage swells together. Most studies related to voltage quality assessment have focused on voltage sag problem. However, voltage swell can also cause severe impacts on the power supply of sensitive equipment and processes, even though voltage swell is not frequent like voltage sag event. Therefore voltage quality at sensitive load point should be assessed by considering voltage sags and voltage swells together. When single line to ground faults occur, voltage sag and swell can occur simultaneously at sensitive load points. In this paper, an assessment method bof voltage quality involving simultaneous voltage sag and swell at the point of interest is presented. The proposed method is based on an area of vulnerability considering both voltage sag and swell. And an expected frequency of voltage quality problems is assessed by using the area of vulnerability and the characteristics of protection systems.