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Title A Study on the Lightning Overvoltage Reduction Effect of Direct Lightning and Lightning-induced by Applying SPD and Grounding in Wind Turbine
Authors 표광진(Kuang-Jin Pyo) ; 이택기(Taeck-Kie Lee) ; 우정욱(Kyu-Ho Kim) ; 김규호(Jung-Wook Woo)
Page pp.1505-1510
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wind Turbine; Surge Protective Device; Grounding Method; Direct Lightning Strike; Lightning-Induced
Abstract The ways to improve the safety of power facilities is to install surge protection devices and grounding method to protect against the lightning surge. This paper analyzes how much lightning overvoltages are reduced by giving different rated voltage to the surge protection device and applying different grounding method when the direct lightning strike and the lightning-induced is applied separately. This analysis also contains how the distance between wind turbine and the lightning strike point affects the lightning overvoltage created by the lightning-induced.