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Title A Fault Analysis considering the Control Characteristics of PV Inverters in Power Distribution Networks
Authors 심기도(Gi-Do Sim) ; 안선주(Seon-Ju Ahn) ; 최준호(Joon-Ho Choi) ; 홍지송(Ji-Song Hong) ; 윤상윤(Sang-Yun Yun)
Page pp.1534-1541
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Fault analysis; Photovoltaic; Inverter control; PV fault current; 3phase power flow
Abstract Photovoltaic(PV) generations in power distribution networks are dramatically increasing. As PV increases, there is a needs to consider the contribution of fault current. PV is connected to the grid through an inverter, and the control method has different current contributions from conventional generators. In this paper, we propose a fault analysis method considering the control characteristics of PV inverter for power distribution networks. The current and power of PV during a fault are determined by the terminal voltage and control methods of the inverter. To reflect the inverter control characteristics, 3 phase unbalanced power flow is used for the fault analysis. For this, we present the 3 phase models of distribution networks, such as line, transformer and PV.
Admittance and impedance matrix representations were performed for the models. We use Implicit Zbus Method for the 3 phase unbalanced power flow. In the case studies for an example network, we compare the results between the proposed methods and MATLAB simulation. Through the case studies, we verify the accuracy of the proposed fault analysis method.