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Title A Study on the Control Technique of LLC Resonant Converter for LED Driver with 120Hz Ripple Current
Authors 권민준(Min-Jun Kwon) ; 이우철(Woo-Cheol Lee)
Page pp.1557-1565
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LED converter; LLC resonant converter; 120Hz ripple current; Feed forward; Compensator
Abstract LED(Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a light source used in various fields because of its high efficiency. In order to operate the LED, a driver consisting of a PFC(Power Factor Corrector) converter and a DC-DC converter to keep the constant current in the LED is required. DC link capacitors in LED driver can have 120Hz voltage ripple during rectification. This voltage ripple can also affect the DC-DC converter and cause 120Hz current ripple on the LED output current. LED current ripple affects power quality and system performance. Therefore, research is needed to reduce current ripple. This paper is a study on the control technique of LLC resonant converter for LED driver with 120Hz ripple current. The direct forward compensation method using the ripple current is explained base on the LLC resonant converter which is widely used as the LED power supply. The validity of the analysis and compensation method was investigated by simulation and experiment.