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Title Analysis of Single-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Capability Curve
Authors 최승보(Seungbo Choi) ; 이욱진(Wook-Jin Lee)
Page pp.1566-1573
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Single-phase PMSM; Full-bridge inverter; Capability curve
Abstract This paper presents an efficiency of a full-bridge inverter of a single-phase permanent magnetic synchronous motor(PMSM). When driving the motor, it is necessary to adjust the speed, power and torque to get the maximum efficiency according to the motor parameters, voltage and current limit. Although many papers on the capability curves of three-phase PMSM using three-phase inverter have been proposed, the case of single-phase PMSM is not. In this paper, the magnitude and phase of the inverter output voltage to obtain the maximum torque. Also, the capability curves of the single-phase PMSM are compared with speed under the conditions of the motor parameters, voltage and current limit using the phasor diagram.