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Title Optimal reserve evaluation for the system inertia in the future Korean power system considering high penetration of RES
Authors 조재왕(Jae-Wang Cho) ; 강성우(Sung-Woo Kang) ; 박정후(Jeong-hoo Park) ; 임승혁(Seung-Hyuk Im) ; 이병준(Byong-jun Lee)
Page pp.1-6
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Renewable Energy Resources; Inertia; Reserves; Frequency Nadir
Abstract As the penetration level of renewable energy sources (RESs) increases, the decrease in the system inertia and spinning reserves will be one of the major challenges for the secure operation of power systems. Recently, in order to secure power system frequency within the limit defined in the grid code, accurate analysis on the frequency responsive reserves is getting important. In this study, method of evaluating the minimum level of inertia along with the required reserves to secure system frequency is developed.
Furthermore, maximum allowable penetration level of RESs is analyzed in order to secure frequency after a sudden loss of a single generator unit. And with the evaluated minimum inertia for the secure frequency, this study shows the amount of the increased generation and the system frequency response in the time frame after a single generator or two generator units are tripped off. In the developed method, increase in RES penetration is illustrated as a negative load while considering the merit order of conventional generators. A case study is conducted on the future Korean power system of 2024.