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Title A Study on Selecting Optimal Volt-VAR Control Curve of Smart Inverter Considering Hosting Capacity and System Loss
Authors 강민재(Min-Jae Kang) ; 김지수(Ji-Soo Kim) ; 송진솔(Jin-Sol Song) ; 최호영(Ho-Young Choi) ; 오형진(Hyung-Jin Oh) ; 박우근(Woo-Geun Park) ; 김철환(Chul-Hwan Kim)
Page pp.7-13
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Genetic Algorithm; Hosting Capacity; Renewable Energy Source; Smart Inverter; Volt-VAR control
Abstract The penetration of Renewable Energy Source (RES) has been increasing because RES is drawing attention by the environmental problem in the worldwide. The power flow can be changed from unidirectional to bidirectional because of increasing the penetration of RES. In bidirectional system, the efficient operation of conventional Voltage Regulators (VRs) is difficult. As one of the various methods to reinforce the conventional VR, the Volt-VAR control of the Smart Inverter (SI) is used for supporting the voltage by using the reactive power of RES. In this paper, the Volt-VAR control curve with the modified dead band is analyzed for the factors affecting the Hosting Capacity (HC) and the enhanced method to obtain the maximum HC. The modified Volt-VAR control curve is applied and the power flow is calculated through Open source Distribution System Simulator (OpenDSS). The maximum HC is obtained through Genetic Algorithm (GA) using MATLAB.