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Title Threshold Optimization in A Two-Stage Frequency Regulation Through Demand Response and Battery Energy Storage System
Authors 이 마데 두위 달만타라(I Made Dwi Darmantara) ; 최호영(Ho-Young Choi) ; 임승민(Seung-Min Lim) ; 김철환(Chul-Hwan Kim)
Page pp.31-37
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Battery Energy Storage System; Demand Response; Frequency Regulation; Microgrid; Particle Swarm Optimization
Abstract The increasing of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) interconnection such as PV into the microgrid has increase the case of frequency instability. The combination of Demand Response (DR) and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) can be used as the two-stage frequency regulation to keep the frequency stability in the system. In this paper, a method to select the optimal BESS threshold value in the DR and BESS two-stage frequency regulation is proposed. The IEEE standard 13-bus distribution network was modified as an islanded microgrid and used to perform the simulation. The simulation results shows that the combined DR and BESS with an optimal BESS threshold value can keep the frequency within the maximum allowable frequency nadir value and reduce the energy usage of BESS.