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Title A Study on Transmission Line Backup Protection based on Differential Algorithm Using IEC-61850 Asynchronous Positive Sequence Voltages and Negative Sequence Currents
Authors 고창성(Chang-Sung Ko) ; 이남호(Nam-Ho Lee) ; 남순열(Soon-Ryul Nam)
Page pp.38-44
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Centralized backup protection; Digital substation; GOOSE; IEC 61850; Negative-sequence current differential algorithm; RTDS; Transmission line protection
Abstract In this paper, a negative-sequence current differential algorithm using asynchronous positive-sequence voltages is proposed to solve the problem that the negative-sequence current differential algorithm using asynchronous negative-sequence voltages may cause malfunction due to the small magnitude of the negative-sequence voltages. This algorithm using asynchronous negative-sequence voltages is an algorithm for solving erroneous operation due to effects of fault resistance and time synchronization problems of current differential algorithm. And this paper explains why positive-sequence voltage was used, and difference in detection of fault direction at relay point of each algorithm. And then, Each algorithm is tested in an IEC-61850 based centralized protection system environment configured using Real Time Digital Simulator and IEDs(Intelligent Electronic Devices), which are implemented with the MMS-EASE Lite library and Evaluation Modules. The test results show that only the proposed algorithm operate successfully, and therefore the proposed algorithm is appropriate for transmission line backup protection.