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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Performance of HCFC22 Alternatives R1270, R290, R1270/R290, R290/HFC152a, R1270/R290/RE170 Refrigerants for Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Applications
Authors 황지환 ; 백인철 ; 정동수
Page pp.312-319
ISSN 12296422
Keywords COP ; 성능계수 ; Capacity ; 냉동용량 ; Heat pump ; 열펌프 ; Air-conditioning ; 공조기 ; Refrigerant mixtures ; 혼합냉매 ; Discharge temperature ; 압축기 토출온도
Abstract In this study, performance of 2 pure hydrocarbons and 7 mixtures was measured in an attempt to substitute HCFC22 used in air-conditioners and heat pumps. The mixtures were composed of R1270(propylene), R290(propane), HFC152a, and RE170(Dimethyl ether, DME). The pure and mixed refrigerants tested have GWPs of 3∼58 as compared to that of CO₂and the mixtures are all near-azeotropic showing the gliding temperature difference(GTD) of less than 0.6℃. Thermodynamic cycle analysis was carried out to determine the optimum compositions and actual tests were performed in a laboratory heat pump test bench at the evaporation and condensation temperatures of 7.5 and 45.1℃ respectively. Test results show that the coefficient of performance(COP) of these mixtures is up to 5.7% higher than that of HCFC22. While propane showed 11.5% reduction in capacity, most of the fluids tested had the similar capacity to that of HCFC22. Compressor discharge temperatures were reduced by 11∼17℃ with these fluids. There was no problem with mineral oil since the mixtures were mainly composed of hydrocarbons. The amount of charge was reduced up to 55% as compared to HCFC22. Overall, these fluids provide good performance with reasonable energy savings without any environmental problem and thus can be used as long term alternatives for residential air-conditioning and heat pumping application.