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Title Evaluation on Reduction Effect about Noise of Hydraulic Turbine Dynamo in Dam using Auralization
Authors 설수환(Soo-Hwan Soul) ; 주덕훈(Duck-Hoon Ju) ; 김재수(Jae-Soo Kim)
Page pp.400-408
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 수차발전기실 ; 가청화 ; 청감실험 Hydraulic Turbine Dynamo Room ; Auralization ; Psycho-acoustic Experiment
Abstract Multipurpose Dam, it produces electric energy by converting the potential energy into kinetic energy utilizing its head and quantity of the water. However, in this process, since during the time when the turbine connected to the hydraulic turbine generator revolves, there occurs a ceaseless loud noise, and due to this condition, it is true state that those people who work at inside of the power plant are damaging as hard as they are unable to concentrate on their work. Not only this, because the hydro-electric power generator room that locates at middle section between the hydraulic turbine room and the office is very large space volume, also since it was constructed chiefly by the reflecting material, it is functioning of amplify the noise when operating the generator, the soundproof measure against this condition is necessitated. On such viewpoint, I have presented the problem point of the relevant Hydraulic turbine dynamo and Hydraulic turbine dynamo room, and after improve such problem point, this study has ever investigated the satisfying degree about the noise-reduction at before and after of the improvement of soundproof measure, using the Auralizational technique that can experience virtual acoustic field. It is considering that such result could be utilized usefully as the fundamental material hereafter for the acoustic performance of the hydro-electric power generator room in dam and when its construction.