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Title Energy Performance Evaluation of Low Energy Houses using Metering Data
Authors Namchoon Baek ; Sungbum Kim ; Byungchil Oh ; Jongho Yoon ; Ucheul Shin
Page pp.369-374
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 저에너지주택 ; 태양광발전 시스템 ; 태양열급탕시스템 ; 웹기반 원격모니터링 시스템 Low energy house ; Photovoltaic system ; Solar hot water system ; Web-based remote monitoring system
Abstract This study analyzed analyzes the energy performance of six houses in Daejeon completed which were built in 2011. Observed The observed houses, which were all designed and constructed inof the same size and structure, are were highly insulated with triple Low-E coating windows; the insulation level of the walls is was 0.13 W/㎡K and that of the roof is was 0.10 W/㎡K. As electric houses, all of the energy supplied to the houses, including for cooking, is was supplied by electricity. A and 3~4 kWp of photovoltaic system and a 3~5 kW of ground source heat pump (GSHP) were installed in each house tofor providing provide space heating/and cooling and hot water are installed. We constructed a Web-based remote monitoring system in order to understand energy consumption and the dynamic behavior of the energy system. T, and the results of our metering data analysis of 2013 are as follows. First, the annual residential energy consumption is was 4,400 kWh (σ = 1,209) and GSHP energy consumption is was 5,182 kWh (σ = 1,164). Second, residential energy consumption ranked highest in average energy usage, with at 45% of the total, followed by heating with at 30%, hot water supply with at 17% and cooling with at 6%. Third, the average energy independence rate is was 51.8%, the GFA (Gross gross floor area) criteria average energy consumption unit is was 48.7 kWh/㎡yr (σ = 10.1), and the net energy consumption unit (except the energy yield of the PV systems) is was 24.7 kWh/㎡yr (σ = 8.8).