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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title A Study on the Characteristics of the Stack Effect Occurs in Independent Core Type’s Office Building
Authors Cha-Won Song ; Kwang-Seop Chung ; Hyun-Mun Jang ; Jeung-Eun Youn ; Tae-Sub Lim
Page pp.145-152
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 연돌 효과 ; 오피스 빌딩 ; 독립 코어 ; 시뮬레이션 ; CONTAM Stack effect ; Office building ; Independent core ; Simulation ; CONTAM
Abstract For a general office building having a center core, the distinction between the outer wall and the compartment should be clear, and it should be set at a stack effect pressure distribution acting on the respective compartment by a relative area ratio of the respective leak compartment. In the case of office buildings with an independent core for core there, some blocks of shares and exterior pressure distribution in buildings and office buildings typically have different characteristics. Therefore, if the stack effect reduction measures, designed on the basis of a general office building are applied to a stand-alone building, the core of the building should reflect the unique pressure distribution characteristics. This study, performed as part of the object corresponding to the flat plan of the building in the diversification trend, analyzed the stack effect that actually occurs in an office building having the properties intended for stand-core construction, and thus on the basis of and tested by the method of using a conventional stack effect reduction measures. Reviewed in the study, an independent cored office building that does not have the air flow path through the specific space with respect to the center core type office building has a feature, and the variation in characteristics of the pressure distribution inside the building according to this air flow path stack effect was reduced by a variety of measures that should be applied to determine the application.