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Title A Study on the Application of the Prism Sheet to Improve the Daylighting Performance of the Light Shelf
Authors Min Woo Jang ; Heang Woo Lee ; Jang Hoo Seo ; Yong Seong Kim
Page pp.401-412
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 광선반 ; 프리즘시트 ; 채광성능 ; 에너지저감 ; 성능평가 Light-shelf ; Prism sheet ; Daylighting performance ; Energy saving ; Performance evaluation
Abstract Recently, there has been an increase in the number of studies on the performance of light shelf with an aim of solving the issue of increasing lighting energy consumption in the building sector. However, the efficiency of the light shelf is limited in terms of building energy saving as operating technologies are applied to improve the daylighting performance in response to the external environment. Therefore, this study proposes a light shelf using a prism sheet and aims to verify its effectiveness based on performance evaluation through a full-scale test bed. The conclusions of the study are as follows : 1) This study derived the optimal variables for light shelf installation (Case 1), prism sheet attachment (Case 2), and light shelf with prism sheet (Case 3). 2) Based on the optimal variables, saving lighting energy was achieved in Case 3 compared to Case 1 and Case 2 by 2.6% and 14.9%, respectively. In addition, the fixed type of Case 3 at the angle of 0° led to saving of lighting energy compared to Case 2 and Case 3 by 2.6% and 14.9%, respectively. The results reveal that Case 3 proposed in this study is effective in terms of using the prism sheet to obtain the daylighting efficiency of a movable light shelf. 3) Based on the optimal angles derived for each case, the uniformity of Case 3 can be improved by 11.4% and 12.1% in the summer, and 0% and 6.3% in the mid-season, compared to Case 1 and Case 2, respectively. However, the application of the prism sheet during winter reduces the uniformity, so it is preferable to remove the prism sheet during winter.