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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Heat Storage/Release Characteristics According to the Temperature of Hot Water in Thermal Storage Type Plate Heat Exchanger
Authors Donghyun Kim ; Donggyu Lee ; Chaedong Kang
Page pp.473-482
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 축열식 열교환기; 판형열교환기; 3중 열매체; 상변화물질; 축열 Thermal storage type heat exchanger; Plate type heat exchanger; Three heat transfer medium; Phase change material; Heat storage
Abstract Heat pump systems for high-temperature steam generation using waste heat generated in industrial sites are attracting attention. However, the disadvantage of waste heat is that it fluctuates quantitatively and qualitatively during the acquisition process. This study proposes the combination of the heat exchanger and thermal storage tank in a high-temperature heat source system to enhance the use of industrial waste heat as an energy source. The developed thermal storage type heat exchanger has a plate type heat exchange structure and allows mutual heat transfer between three mediums, including a phase change material (PCM). Named a thermal storage type plate heat exchanger (TSPHE), it comprises 16 kg of a PCM, with a phase change temperature of 68.8℃ to provide heat storage function. The heat storage and release characteristics of the PCM according to the temperature of hot water and cold water were verified through a heat transfer experiment using the TSPHE. Also, because of the structural characteristics of the TSPHE, the phenomenon of the three-medium heat exchange was verified during the experimental process. The heat storage and heat dissipation characteristics according to the supply temperature conditions of the heat medium used in the TSPHE were analyzed. The results of this study will be used as basic data for applying a thermal storage type evaporator to a high-temperature heat pump that generates steam using industrial waste heat.