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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title A Study on the Construction of the Building DB for School Particulate Matter Management Technology Development Using QR Code
Authors Hyerin Han ; Hiki Hong ; Joonki Min
Page pp.465-475
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 미세먼지; 학교 건축 현황; 큐알코드; 분류체계; 건물 인증 현황 Particulate matter; School building status; QR code; Classification scheme; Building certification status
Abstract The purpose of this study is to review and categorize building information for the development of school particulate matter management technology. Therefore, we divided the database into 7 categories (school type, area, external environment, internal environment, school building status, building certification status) and subdivisions from 1,000 schools and organized data for a total of 38 detailed types. We presented a method of outputting data according to the 7 categories. In addition, after the construction of the school building DB, we intended to simplify and use this big data by generating a QR code. As for the QR code output method, it was possible to visually show the school building data by providing methods, such as, outputting in Korean, outputting in English, specifying a URL path, and outputting as an image. Comparing the use of Excel and Python in the previous study with the use of QR code, it was found that Excel could easily build a DB and Python could easily output desired data even if data accumulated once coding was done through DB. It was found that the QR code became complicated if the data was generated as it is, but the advantage was that it could be printed simply by using a URL, and it was necessary to produce a separate platform. Future research projects require the establishment and study of platforms which can utilize both Excel, Python, and QR codes.