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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title An Empirical Study on Cooling Performance Evaluation of Independent Modular Air Containment and Row-based Cooling System for High-Density Data Centers
Authors Jinkyun Cho ; Beungyong Park ; Yongdae Jeong ; Min-Geon Go
Page pp.494-505
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 데이터센터; 냉각성능평가; 독립차폐모듈; 구역단위 냉각; 현장측정 Data center; Cooling performance evaluation; Independent modular air containment; Row-based cooling; In-situ measurement
Abstract Owing to the rapid growth of information technology (IT) services over the past decades, data centers have become the core infrastructures of Industry 4.0. Meanwhile, the energy use of data centers has rapidly increased. In this study, a prototype of an independent module containment system that applied the row-level cooling system of a high-density data center was developed to overcome the limitations of the existing room-based cooling system and satisfy the demand for energy efficiency. The main purpose was to evaluate the cooling performance of multi-fluid (refrigerant-water cooled type) in-row CRAH unit package in independent row-based air containment. Based on in-situ measurements, the applicability and cooling efficiency of the row-level cooling system were evaluated. While complying with the international test method standard for CRAC/H unit, the cooling performance and efficiency of the row-based cooling system were derived through real-time field measurement in connection with the actual operation situation of the data center and the partial energy contribution was analyzed. The row-based cooling system with the multi-fluid heat exchange in-row CRAH unit package was found to be the most efficient in removing heat output of IT equipment based on the observations and experimental results.