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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Economic Analysis and Efficient Operation Measures of LoTOx System Applied Waste Incinerator
Authors Joon Hee Lee ; Young Il Kim
Page pp.253-269
ISSN 1229-6422
Keywords 대기오염 방지시설; 소각로; LoTOx; 질소산화물 저감; 오존 발생기 Air pollution prevention facilities; Incinerator; LoTOx; Nitrogen oxide reduction; Ozone generator
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate how to improve the combustion gas treatment method of domestic waste incinerator comprising SNCR and SCR by adopting the LoTOx (ozone low-temperature oxidation) system. NOx reduction performance, efficient operation plan, and economic feasibility of the LoTOx system not yet commercialized in domestic field were studied. First, by applying the LoTOx system to actual waste incineration facilities, it was possible to compare and evaluate the NOx reduction performance with conventional SCR facilities currently widely used. The NOx reduction rate was close to 90% based on combustion gas of 110℃. If the temperature of the combustion gas was lowered further, the NOx reduction rate was much closer to the theoretical expected value, and the reduction rate of 90% or more can be shown. Second, economic benefits in terms of initial investment and operating cost were analyzed for an existing combined SNCR and SCR system, by replacing SCR with the LoTOx ozone oxidation system. The initial investment cost was 73.6% compared to the SCR facility, and the longer the operating period, the greater the cumulative operating cost is reduced. The LoTOx system could be predicted to fall to 61.2% of the SCR facility in the fifth year and 55.3% in the tenth year. Third, based on the experiment and existing papers, several factors impacting the efficiency of the operation of the LoTOx system were identified. It was possible to present the most efficient operation plan such as the temperature of the processing gas, the installation method of the cooling water pipe of the ozone generator, input voltage, and gas flow rate.