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Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering

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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title Recent Progress in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research : A Review of Papers Published in the Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering
Authors 이재헌 ; 김광우 ; 김병주 ; 이재효 ; 김우승
Page pp.1098-1125
ISSN 12296422
Keywords Air conditioning ; 공기조화 ; Condensation ; 응축 ; Compressor ; 압축기 ; Refrigeration ; 냉동 ; Absorption cooling ; 흡수식 냉동 ; Heat exchanger ; 열교환기
Abstract A review on the papers published in the Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineering in 1998 and 1999 has been done. Focus has been put on current status of research in the aspect of heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitation and building environment. The conclusions are as follows.
1) A review of the recent studies on fluid flow, turbomachinery and pipe-network shows that many experimental investigations are conducted in applications of impingement jets. Researches on turbulent flows, pipe flows, pipe-networks are focused on analyses of practical systems and prediction of system performance. The results of noise reduction in the turbomachinery are also reported.
2) A review of the recent studies on heat transfer analysis and heat exchanger shows that there were many papers on the channel flow with the application to the design of heat exchanger in the heat transfer analysis. Various experimental and numerical papers on heat exchanger were also published, however, there were few papers available for the analysis of whole system including heat exchanger.
3) A review of the recent studies on heat pump system have focused on the multi-type system and the heat pump cycle to utilize treated sewage as the heat source. The defrosting and the frosting behaviors in the fin-tube heat exchanger is experimentally examined by several authors. Several papers on the ice storage cooling system are presented to show the dynamic simulation program and optimal operation conditions. The study on the micro heat pipes for the cooling of high power electronic components is carried out to examine the characteristics of heat and mass transfer processes. In addition to these, new type of separate thermosyphon is studied experimentally.
4) The recent studies on refrigeration/air conditioning system have focused on the system performance and efficiency for new alternative refrigerants. New systems operating with natural refrigerants are drawing lots of attention. In addition to these, evaporation and condensation heat transfer characteristics of traditional and new refrigerants are investigated for plain tubes and also for microfin tubes. Capillary tubes and orifice are main topics of research as expansion devices and studies on thermophysical properties of new refrigerants and refrigerant/oil mixtures are widely carried out.
5) A review of the recent studies on absorption cooling system shows that numerous experimental and analytical studies on the improvement of absorber performance have been presented. Dynamic analysis of compressor have been performed to understand its vibration characteristics. However research works on two-phase flow and heat transfer, which could be encountered in the refrigeration system and various phase-change heat exchanger, were seemed to be insufficient.
6) A review of recent studies on duct system shows that the methods for circuit analysis, and flow balancing have been presented. Researches on ventilation are focused on the measurement of ventilation efficiency, and variation of ventilation efficiency with ventilation methods by numerous experimental and numerical studies. Furthermore, many studies have been conducted in real building in order to estimate indoor thermal environments. Many research works to get some information for cooling tower design have been performed but are insufficient.
7) A review on the recent studies on architectural thermal environment and building mechanical systems design shows that thermal comfort analysis in sitting environment, thermal performance analysis of Korean traditional building structure, and evaluation of building environmental load have been performed. However research works to improve the performance of mechanical system design and construction technology were seemed to be insufficient.