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  • ISSN : 1229-6422 (Print)
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Title The Study on Drag Reduction Rates and Degradation Effects in Synthetic Polymer Solution with Surfactant Additives
Authors 이동민 ; 김남진 ; 윤석만 ; 김종보
Page pp.194-199
ISSN 12296422
Keywords Drag reduction ; 마찰저항감소 ; Degradation ; 퇴화 ; Copolymer ; 합성고분자 ; Surfactant ; 계면활성제
Abstract The turbulent flow resistance of water solution with polymer is reduced as compared with that of pure water. This effect is named the drag reduction and offers the significant reduction of the pumping power and the energy consumption. But the intense shear forces and the high temperature experienced by the polymer solution when passing through the pipes cause the degradation a loss of drag reduction effectiveness. Especially, the degradation behavior is found to be strongly dependent on temperature. This mechanical and thermal degradation can be avoided by adding materials such as surfactant to the polymer solution, which enhance the bonding force between molecules. In the present study, Copolymer and SDS were utilized and they were mixed in 10 different mixture ratios, while total concentration was fixed as 100 wppm. Degradation of Copolymer-SDS mixture solutions was investigated experimentally in closed loop at the temperature of 10℃ and 80℃ with various flow average velocities of 1.5 m/sec, 3.0 m/sec, and 4.5 m/sec. Degradation characteristics of polymer solution without surfactant show a radical loss of drag reduction effectiveness at high temperature. Degradation alleviation ability of surfactant is especially effective at high temperatures. Consequently, this results show that the addition of surfactant to the polymer solution can control unfavorable degradation phenomena for high temperature systems.