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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Experimental Study on Structural Behavior of Inverted Multi-Tee Precast Slabs Manufactured by Slipformer
Authors 최석동(Choi, Seokdong) ; 김민석(Kim, Min-Seok) ; 김강수(Kim, Kang Su) ; 홍성엽(Hong, Sung Yub) ; 한선진(Han, Sun-Jin)
Page pp.80-86
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 역리브 슬래브; 프리캐스트 콘크리트; 휨강도; 전단강도; 구조기준 inverted multi-tee slab; precast concrete; flexural strength; shear strength; structural design code
Abstract In the fabrication process of inverted multi-tee (IMT) slabs, concrete has to be poured twice due to its shape, which is a huge disadvantage as a precast member. To overcome this, a new technique for manufacturing IMT slabs using a slipform method has been recently developed. In this study, flexural and shear tests were carried out to investigate the structural performances of inverted multi-tee (IMT) slabs manufactured using slipform method. To this end, one flexural specimen and two shear specimens with topping concrete were fabricated, and their failure modes and crack patterns, and the slips that occurred between the precast slab and topping concrete were measured and analyzed in detail. In addition, the flexural and shear strengths of the specimens were evaluated by utilizing the structural design code, and a shear strength estimation method, which is suitable for composite IMT slabs with different concrete properties, was proposed for practical design. The IMT slab satisfied the nominal flexural strength calculated by the current design code, and the proposed method provided a good estimation of the shear strength of the specimens.