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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title An Experimental Study on Corrosion Behavior in Steel of Concrete Applied with Arc Metal Spray Method Surface Treatment Technology Using EIS
Authors 윤창복(Chang-Bok Yoon) ; 박장현(Jang hyun Park) ; 이한승(Han-Seung Lee)
Page pp.87-95
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 아크금속용사; EIS; 철근부식; 분극저항. 등가회로 Electreochemical impedance spectroscopy; Arc Metal Spray Method; Corrosion behavior; Equivalent circuit; Polarization resistance
Abstract As an experimental study on the corrosion behavior of steel materials to which ATMS method using EIS was applied in concrete, immersion of Ca(OH)2 saturated aqueous solution and NaCl aqueous solution simulating the environment inside concrete The corrosion behavior was tested. The equivalent circuit was derived through the analysis of the Nyquist plot, and the interfacial resistance and the polarization resistance of the Ca(OH)2 aqueous solution were compared, and Al ATMS was the best interfacial resistance and Zn ATMS was the best polarization resistance. After burying ATMS steel material of cement mortar, the initial immersion impedance measurement value was the highest in the Zn ATMS test body in the impedance measurement by the immersion time by immersing it in the NaCl aqueous solution. , Al ATMS test piece has the highest impedance and is highly reliable. This is because Al, which has a high ionization tendency, is continuously oxidized in a strong alkaline environment to form a film and protect the steel from permeation of chlorine ions.