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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Tension Estimation for Hanger Cables on a Suspension Bridge Using Image Signals
Authors 김성완(Sung-Wan Kim) ; 윤다운(Da-Woon Yun) ; 박시현(Si-Hyun Park) ; 공민준(Min-Joon Kong) ; 박재봉(Jae-Bong Park)
Page pp.112-121
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 역해석 방법; 행어케이블; 장력; 진동법 Back analysis method; Hanger cable; Tension; Vibration method
Abstract In suspension bridges, hanger cables are the main load-supporting members. The tension of the hanger cables of a suspension bridge is a very important parameter for assessing the integrity and safety of the bridge. In general, indirect methods are used to measure the tension of the hanger cables of a suspension bridge in traffic use. A representative indirect method is the vibration method, which extracts modal frequencies from the cables’ responses and then measures the cable tension using the cables’ geometric conditions and the modal frequencies. In this study, the image processing technique is applied to facilitate the estimation of the dynamic responses of the cables using the image signal, for which a portable digital camcorder was used due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Ambient vibration tests were conducted on a suspension bridge in traffic use to verify the validity of the back analysis method, which can estimate the tension of remote hanger cables using the modal frequencies as a parameter. In addition, the tension estimated through back analysis method, which was conducted to minimize the difference between the modal frequencies calculated using finite element analysis of the hanger cables and the measured modal frequencies, was compared with that measured using the vibration method.