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Title A Study of Dynamic Characteristic Analysis for Hysteresis Motor Using Permeability and Load Angle by Inverse Preisach Model
Authors 김형섭(Hyeong-Seop Kim) ; 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 최동진(Dong-Jin Choi) ; 홍선기(Sun-Ki Hong)
Page pp.262-268
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hysteresis motor ; Hysteresis motor dynamic analysis ; Inverse Preisach model ; Hunting ; Eddy-current effect
Abstract Previous dynamic models of hysteresis motor use an extended induction machine equivalent circuit or somewhat different equivalent circuit with conventional one, which makes unsatisfiable results. In this paper, the hysteresis dynamic characteristics of the motor rotor are analyzed using the inverse Preisach model and the hysteresis motor equivalent circuit considering eddy current effect. The hysteresis loop for the rotor ring is analyzed under full-load voltage source static state. The calculated hysteresis loop is then approximated to an ellipse for simplicity of dynamic computation. The permeability and delay angle of the elliptic loop apply to the dynamic analysis model. As a result, it is possible to dynamically analyze the hysteresis motor according to the applied voltage and the rotor material. With this method, the motor speed, generated torque, load angle, rotor current as well as synchronous entry time, hunting effect can be calculated.