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Title A Study on the Electromagnetic Noise Reduction of BLDC Motor for Fuel Pump of Vehicles
Authors 김동기(Dong-Ki Kim) ; 이승우(Seung-Woo Lee) ; 윤덕용(Duck-Yong Yoon)
Page pp.277-284
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electric fuel pump ; Blushless DC motor ; Acoustic noise ; Vibration ; Sinusoidal-wave current
Abstract This paper proposes a driving method in order to reduce the electromagnetic noise of blushless DC motor for fuel pump of vehicles. In recent years, these motors have been widely employed in the electric fuel pumps because of its high-efficiency, high-reliability, compact size, light weight, and simple control method. However, despite the various advantages, brushless DC motors have realistic problems. These problems are acoustic noise and vibration, which are caused by torque ripple and sudden current fluctuation in the stator windings due to the mechanical structures and control methods. If the mechanical structures are redesigned or the control methods are improved, both cogging torque and torque ripple due to commutation can be reduced. Nevertheless, if quasi-square-wave currents are supplied to these motors by conventional methods, the stator windings may generate the electromagnetic noise and vibration within the audio frequency bands. In this paper, a sinusoidal-wave driving method is proposed to suppress the fluctuating currents. The reduction effects on noise and vibration are verified through computer simulations and experiments.