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Title A CMOS Wideband RF Energy Harvester Employing Tunable Impedance Matching Network for Video Surveillance Disposable IoT Applications
Authors 이동구(Dong-gu Lee) ; 이두희(Duehee Lee) ; 권구덕(Kuduck Kwon)
Page pp.304-309
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Image monitoring system ; Video surveillance ; Disposable IoT ; CMOS ; RF-to-DC converter ; Cross-coupled rectifier ; RF energy harvest ; Tunable impedance matching network ; Power conversion efficiency
Abstract This paper presents a CMOS RF-to-DC converter for video surveillance disposable IoT applications. It widely harvests RF energy of 3G/4G cellular low-band frequency range by employing a tunable impedance matching network. The proposed converter consists of the differential-drive cross-coupled rectifier and the matching network with a 4-bit capacitor array. The proposed converter is designed using 130-nm standard CMOS process. The designed energy harvester can rectify the RF signals from 700 MHz to 900 MHz. It has a peak RF-to-DC conversion efficiency of 72.25%, 64.97%, and 66.28% at 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz with a load resistance of 10kΩ, respectively.