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Title Study on High Transparent PV Backsheet for Bifacial Solar Module
Authors 박지수(Jisoo Park) ; 노은섭(Eun-Seob Noh) ; 윤종국(Jong-Kuk Yoon) ; 박종세(Jong-Se Park) ; 장현태(Hyun-Tae Jang) ; 최재호(Jaeho Choi) ; 구경완(Kyung-Wan Koo)
Page pp.370-375
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Backsheet ; Solar module ; Transparent ; Bifaciality ; Transmittance ;
Abstract PV module protective film plays an important role in protecting the solar cell from external environment by anti-hydrolysis polyester, UV resistance and mechanical properties. The backsheet was manufactured by using Roll-to-Roll dry laminating process. Recently, various research and evaluations have been conducted in order to increase the generation power output of solar panel. In this study, we have experimented the basic properties of the coating type outer layer and inner layer materials for high tranparency for UV and visible light spectrum ranges in order for the bifacial solar panel. Long-term environment weatherability tests were conducted for confirming 25 year reliability in the field such as PCT, UV, and power efficiency degradations in case of application of bifacial solar module. As the evaluation result, high transparent coating type protection film can be available to bifacial solar panel by using UV-cut PVDF coating layer and high reliability primer layer.