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Title A Study on Measurement Method of Flicker in Korean Distribution Power System Using Old-version IEC Flickermeter
Authors 신훈철(Hoon-Chul Shin) ; 조수환(Soo-Hwan Cho)
Page pp.393-398
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Correction factor ; Flicker ; IEC61000-4-15 ; Power quality ; Weighting filter
Abstract IEC 61000-4-15, which was originally established to introduce the test and measurement methods of flickermeter for only 120V-60Hz and 230V-50Hz power systems in 1997, have been amended to the second edition in 2010. In the second revision, more test conditions and specifications have been added. The most significant change in the revision is the addition of test conditions for 120V-50Hz, 230V-60Hz and other system conditions. The flicker measurement standards for 100V-50/60Hz and 220V-50Hz systems can be converted from the existing reference cases of 120/230V and 50/60Hz, but unfortunately the 220V-60Hz system is not considered at all. This paper is written to introduce the flicker correction factor appropriately designed for Korean distribution power system, complying with the IEC flicker measurement standard. This correction factor can be effectively used when we would measure and assess flicker in the 220V/60Hz power system using old-version IEC flickermeters.