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Title Calculation of Primary Reserve Requirements based on Measurements of Frequency Trajectories of Korean Power System
Authors 박민수(Min-Su Park) ; 김우중(Woo-Jung Kim) ; 전영환(Yeong-Han Chun)
Page pp.399-404
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Spinning reserve ; Reserve requirement ; Governor response ; Generator constant ; Damping constant
Abstract When a generator trips, the frequency of the system begins to drop but the control action of governors of the generators stops the drop of the frequency and restore it to a quasi steady state. At the quasi steady state, the output of each generator is determined by the generator constant and the damping constant of the system load. But, in many cases, the measured value of frequency trajectories and the generator outputs differ from the theoretical values. The difference is considered due to the complex properties and the non-linearity of the generator models. In this paper, we suggest a calculation method of generator constants and load constants and primary reserve requirements by using real power system frequency trajectory and data sets in the past generator trip situation. The data set includes system frequencies, system loads, and active power losses due to the trip of generators.