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Title Real Time Sudden Demand Negotiation Framework based Smart Grid System considering Characteristics of Electric device type and Customer' Delay Discomfort
Authors 유대선(Daesun Yoo) ; 이현수(Hyunsoo Lee)
Page pp.405-415
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Smart grid ; Real time pricing ; Day-ahead scheduling ; Sudden demand handling ; Delay discomfort of consumer ; metaheuristics
Abstract The considerations of the electrical device' characteristics and the customers' satisfaction have been important criteria for efficient smart grid systems. In general, an electrical device is classified into a non-interruptible device or an interruptible device. The consideration of the type is an essential information for the efficient smart grid scheduling. In addition, customers' scheduling preferences or satisfactions have to be considered simultaneously. However, the existing research studies failed to consider both criteria. This paper proposes a new and efficient smart grid scheduling framework considering both criteria. The framework consists of two modules ? 1) A day-head smart grid scheduling algorithm and 2) Real-time sudden demand negotiation framework. The first method generates the smart grid schedule efficiently using an embedded genetic algorithm with the consideration of the device's characteristics. Then, in case of sudden electrical demands, the second method generates the more efficient real-time smart grid schedules considering both criteria. In order to show the effectiveness of the proposed framework, comparisons with the existing relevant research studies are provided under various electricity demand scenarios.