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Title Characteristics of Inductively Coupled Plasma with Segmented Dielectric Window
Authors 이호준(Ho-Jun Lee) ; 손의정(Eui-Jeong Son) ; 조성환(Sunghwan Cho)
Page pp.447-452
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Inductively coupled plasma ; Segmented dielectric window
Abstract Inductively coupled plasma system with segmented dielectric window was proposed. Combination of segmented dielectric window and metal frame can provide thinner window thickness and flexibility to control source gas distribution. These characteristics enable us to have better uniformity performances in plasma system for semiconductor manufacturing equipment such as dry etcher and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Properties of proposed plasma source were investigated in terms of plasma density, electron temperature, power transfer efficiency and system impedance using fluid based self-consistent plasma simulations. It was found that proposed system having 15mm window thickness shows equivalent or better performances compared with the inductively coupled plasma system currently used in semiconductor manufacturing industry.