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Title Chaos Control of Low-pressure Thermionic Discharge Plasma
Authors 고욱희(Wook Hee Koh)
Page pp.453-459
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Thermionic discharge plasma ; Fluid model ; Nonlinear phenomena ; Chaos control
Abstract Using a fluid model, the study investigates the nonlinear dynamical characteristics of the Pierce diode in which a thermionic low-pressure discharge plasma is generated. Because the thermionic discharge plasma behave nonlinearly, the plasma oscillations can become chaotic. A period-doubling bifurcation occurs with decreasing Pierce parameter, defined as the length between two electrodes and the emitting speed of thermionic electron. A modified feedback control method, which is based on OGY method, is proposed to control a chaotic Pierce plasma. In this study, we demonstrate that the modified feedback control method can be used to stabilize a chaos of the thermionic low-pressure discharge plasma to not only low period orbits, such as period-1 and period-2, but also high period orbits, such as period-16 oscillating modes.