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Title A Study on the Non-contact Roundness Measurement using an Eddy Current Sensor
Authors 배종일(Jong-Il Bae) ; 양욱(Wook Yang) ; 심창수(Chang-Soo Sim) ; 배민성(Min-Sung Bae)
Page pp.502-506
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Roundness measurement ; Non-contact measurement method ; Circularity algorithm ; Eddy current sensor
Abstract A sensor for constructing an In-line roundness measuring device has a tough characteristic on a foreign matter existing on the surface during grinding processing, selects a non-contact eddy current sensor which is excellent in durability and does not cause surface scratches The objective was set to constitute a device capable of performing In - Line roundness measurement and to make it possible to measure by applying the theory of circularity of three points method. In this study, when three displacement sensor signals of the input values of the 3 point circularity algorithm are composed only of the sample shape and the vibration signal by simulation in consideration of the characteristics of the non-contact eddy current sensor, three displacement sensors Using the output of 3 point method to know the roundness was able to confirm the roundness shape of the input sample analogized to a certain value by the vibration protest canceling by the prism. Also, from the output of the displacement sensor, it can be considered that if the system noise is not included, the shape of the input sample can be completely estimated.