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Title New Composite Guidance Law with Look Angle Rate Constraint
Authors 김태훈(Tae-Hun Kim) ; 박봉균(Bong-Gyun Park)
Page pp.566-572
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Composite Guidance Law ; Look Angle Rate Constraint ; Proportional Navigation Guidance ; Look Angle Rate Control
Abstract This paper proposes a new composite guidance law that can intercept moving targets and satisfy look angle rate constraint. In order to obtain the composite guidance law, we first develop a new look angle rate control guidance law which can maintain the maximum look angle rate limitation. And then, we propose the composite guidance scheme on the basis of the look angle rate control guidance and the proportional navigation guidance. To investigate the capturablity and characteristics of the proposed guidance, we also derive closed-form solutions and perform various numerical simulations. The proposed composite guidance only requires the line-of-sight rate, closing velocity, and missile's speed, thereby easily implementing in practical homing missiles.