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Title Design of Linked 2-DOF IPMC Actuator Moudule
Authors 김영식(Youngshik Kim) ; 유봉조(Bong-Jo Ryu) ; 구경완(Kyoung-Wan Koo) ; 신부현(Buhyun Shin)
Page pp.936-941
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Soft actuator ; Poymer actuator ; IPMC
Abstract The 2-DOF IPMC module is introduced in this research. Each rotation axis of 2-DOF IPMC module is perpendicular each other. A second segment of IPMC is attached across to end tap of the first segment of IPMC directly without any frame. The link method with 2 IPMC actuator is assemble using a slot simply and conductive epoxy adhesive is used for wiring. The single IPMC strips are connected to rigid links, the open-loop control of the IPMC manipulator. The inverse kinematics of the linked 2-DOF IPMC was established. The experimental results show 2-DOF motion of the IPMC actuator module. This 2-DOF IPMC actuator module can be improved or modified for example by adding more links to even more increase the workspace by adding an extra soft link to the tip of the manipulator for extra soft manipulation.