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Title Fault Tolerant Sliding Mode Chaotic Synchronization Controller Design for an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System
Authors 김한솔(Han Sol Kim) ; 주영훈(Young Hoon Joo)
Page pp.1143-1150
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Interval type-2 fuzzy model; Fault tolerant; Sliding mode control; Linear matrix inequality; Chaotic synchronization
Abstract This paper deals with the fault tolerant interval type-2 fuzzy integral sliding mode controller design for time-varying uncertain chaotic systems including actuator faults. The overall control system consists of driving and response chaotic systems, and the control objective is to synchronize the state variables of these systems. To this end, the chaotic system including uncertain terms is expressed by the interval type-2 fuzzy model. Also, the failure occurring in the actuator is represented by a fault matrix having time-varying unknown parameters. In this paper, the fault matrix is divided into the time-varying and time-invariant terms, which makes the sufficient condition have only time-invariant part of the fault matrix. Finally, we validate the proposed method through simulation examples.